Warford vs Tottenham Preview: Warford is in good shape, can Tottenham achieve the desired result?|online poker cash game mi-game paytm cash apk download

Warford vs Tottenham Preview: Warford is in good shape, can Tottenham achieve the desired result?

According to Horizm, the data of the "Digital Value of Fans" report is mainly calculated from the public audience data of the three major social media Facebook, Instagram and Twitter in Q1 2021, and the annual data is calculated on the premise of considering seasonal factors. In the future, TikTok will also be considered in relevant reports.

Of the $1.3 billion in digital inventory revenue estimated by Horizm for the world's top sports leagues, the top-ranked Premier League is as high as $432 million, almost equal to the second and third La Liga ($256.8 million) and the NBA ($173 million). US dollars). The fourth and fifth-ranked NFL and Serie A have 2021 online asset valuations of $123.3 million and $121.3 million, respectively.The report pointed out that the 20 professional sports teams that account for nearly two-thirds of the global digital inventory and about $889.4 million are all occupied by European football giants. Among them, the Premier League giants Manchester United topped the list with $128.6 million, followed by La Liga Barcelona with $122.6 million, while Real Madrid ranked third with $110.4 million.

Horizm CEO Pedro Mestrina said in an interview, 鈥淒igital assets are undoubtedly the largest single revenue opportunity in sports right now. If sports leagues or resources can demonstrate their value in digital inventory, there is an opportunity. Diversification, which in turn creates different and more targeted assets. A wider distribution post-pandemic allows sports to be packaged differently, which creates new revenue opportunities.鈥In addition to forecasting total annual inventory, Horizm also studies and calculates value per fan (VPF), a measure of a league's or team's ability to generate value per capita, and calls it a "new industry metric" ".

At the league level, the NHL has the highest efficiency in generating value from social users in Q1 2021, with a VPF of $0.20, followed by the Premier League with a VPF of $0.18, and the NBA and Serie A with a VPF of $0.13.At the club level, 15 of the top 20 VPF rankings are occupied by teams from the four major leagues in North America. Among them, the NFL Tampa Bay Buccaneers lead with a VPF of $0.61. Manchester United's VPF, which ranks first in the club's digital inventory, is only $0.23, higher than the $0.21 of Inter Milan, Golden State Warriors and Liverpool.

In terms of platforms, Instagram is the most valuable of the three major social media channels for leagues and teams, accounting for 49% of the total value created. Meanwhile, Facebook accounted for 36% and Twitter 15%.Great potential! Digital sports sponsorship currently only accounts for 9% of digital advertising. With its mission to change the future of digital revenue in sports, Horizm was officially established in 2019. According to data provided by Horizm, the total global digital media spending in 2019 was US$333.25 billion. In 2020, affected by the wanton spread of the new crown epidemic around the world, advertising spending on social media alone reached $43 billion. With 60% of global ad spend being digital and only 9% of sponsorship value being realized through digital channels, this means that there is still a huge opportunity in sports.

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