Premier League players back down! Agree to delay pay, but pay cut still won't work|game cash-game paytm cash apk download

Premier League players back down! Agree to delay pay, but pay cut still won't work

With the end of the Champions League round of 16, the three giants of the Premier League have entered the top 8. Among all the top 8, Manchester City and Bayern are regarded as the best winning teams. But for Manchester City, the whereabouts of their core striker Aguero is almost clear, and he will leave the Etihad Stadium in June this year. City appear to have decided to let him go after a difficult season.

In previous reports, Aguero may leave the Premier League, but it is not impossible for him to stay in England now. Next, take stock of the 6 giants that Aguero may join.1. Barcelona

By far the club with the strongest ties to Aguero is Barcelona. Their new president, Joan Laporta, has always been a big fan of Aguero, and Barca have made it a priority to keep Messi, and if it can be Messi's best friend, it's definitely a big deal for him. comfort. On the other hand, Barcelona is now heavily in debt and will definitely not be able to invest more in the summer, and Aguero will join as a free agent in the summer, which is a double benefit for Barcelona.2. Paris Saint-Germain

Like Barcelona, Paris Saint-Germain is believed to be the hot spot for Aguero's destination. As we all know, Paris coach Pochettino is Aguero's fellow countryman and his super admirer, and Paris does not lack the fees and wages needed to introduce him. The question is just how much playing time Aguero can get in Paris. With Mbappe, Neymar, Icardi and Keane eyeing them, the Paris striker has no shortage of killers like him.3. Atl茅tico de Madrid

Aguero initially made his name at Atletico Madrid, or, Aguero could go back to where he made his name in Europe. It would undoubtedly be a romantic move if he were to return, and Atletico would still have some appeal for Aguero, especially if the team win La Liga this season, and Aguero's return would go a step further.4. Chelsea

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