Barca's annual memo highlights debt crisis teams need to repay 鈧?30m by June 30|real cash win game-game paytm cash apk download

Barca's annual memo highlights debt crisis teams need to repay 鈧?30m by June 30

1. "Barcelona Kings", Barcelona held an open training session. The Barcelona stars felt the support of the Barcelona fans after the team was drawn 2-2 by Espanyol, and they will take this support to participate in the Spanish Super League. cup.

2. Valencia striker Rodrigo is injured and he will miss the Western Super Cup semi-final with Real Madrid.3. Barcelona women's football team defeated Athletic Bilbao women's football team 3-0 away in front of 32,000 live audience.

4. The challenge for the Spaniards is to continue the derby's good performance.1. "You stay", Barcelona has told Vidal that they have no intention of selling it to Inter Milan, because Vidal is very important to them, and Inter Milan is putting pressure on Vidal and those around him, but Barcelona believes this. There will be no intensifying impact on Vidal's transfer.

2. Suarez is a key figure in Barcelona's nearly 10 goals, and he has performed well in the last month.3. Barcelona want to keep Alenia, who is currently on loan at Betis.

4. La Liga sue Espanyol for fans who sang and abused Pique in the Barcelona derby.For more information on "La Liga Today's Front Page: Real Madrid's Wall Courtois, Barcelona Wants Vidal to Stay", please continue to pay attention to the sports information column, the editor will continue to update you with more sports News.

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