Wumeng Mountain supercross player died of hypothermia, official: mountain collapse delayed rescue|ludo real cash game-game paytm cash apk download

Wumeng Mountain supercross player died of hypothermia, official: mountain collapse delayed rescue

Third, at this stage, the functions of smart fitness mirrors still need to be improved. Compared with traditional fitness equipment such as treadmills and bicycles, smart fitness mirror products are a bit ahead. However, at the same time, due to problems such as network lag, unintelligent action correction function, and potential privacy of cameras, the current smart fitness mirrors cannot completely replace the functions of gyms and personal trainers, but can only be used as a part of the home fitness scene. kind of assistance.

In the future, as the awareness of home fitness continues to expand in the domestic market, and the fitness mirror itself has been adjusted from price to product function, the slightly awkward situation of smart fitness mirrors may be effectively improved. But in this process, there is still a long way to go for the majority of manufacturers.On December 5th, the 2021 MR Fan Meeting practice test was held in Xianjiang Park, Huangpu District. This is the final battle of the 2021 MR Rush.

The MR Charge was founded in 2020 and is hosted by Guangzhou Chuima Sports Development Co., Ltd. As an off-road event that focuses on encouraging players to break through in nature, MR Rush gives contestants the nickname "Salted Fish". Running from the city to the mountains, awakening your heart and regaining your dreams in the process of competing with nature, the MR Charge competition expects the contestants to find the fighting spirit of "returning salted fish" through the competition."2021 MR Fan Meeting Practice Test" is a special class for the MR Summit. In the spirit of "there is so-called fearlessness", under the principle of safe off-roading, the practical test led the salted fish to check in Huolu Mountain, Dafu Mountain, Niutoushan, Youma Mountain and other high mountains in Guangzhou in 2021. Through the study of a series of courses such as first aid knowledge, uphill and downhill skills, non-injury running, and photography skills, the fish gradually mastered the basic knowledge of cross-country running, and did their homework for successfully climbing mountains in the future. Xianjiang Park has become the last stop to test their "salted fish turning over".

players in the gameThis practice test was specially certified by the International Trail Running Federation (ITRA), with a maximum cumulative climb of 1613M. The candidates challenged the test routes of 29 kilometers (salted fish group), 20 kilometers (single race for rice fish group, double race for sardine group), and 9 kilometers (fry group, adult and children cooperative challenge) according to their respective groups. Candidates will receive 1 point for ITRA certification after successfully completing the test, which will prepare them for more certification to challenge the threshold of higher competitions in the future.

According to the usual practice, this practice test continues to set up 4 CP check-in points to provide various supplies for the candidates, so that the players can run and eat happily during the test. It is worth mentioning that, in addition to the salted fish fried rice, which was the favorite of salted fish candidates in the past, CP3 also specially set up delicious Hehua fish and salted egg lean meat porridge, so that salted fish candidates can enjoy themselves.Salted fish candidates enjoy delicious food

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