For the first time in 45 years, Barcelona La Liga National Derby scored 0 goals in two rounds|a23 cash game-game paytm cash apk download

For the first time in 45 years, Barcelona La Liga National Derby scored 0 goals in two rounds

The two teenagers Carles Perez and Fati performed well. Fati only played 7 minutes, but became the youngest player to score in the history of the Champions League (17 years and 40 days). "Daily Sports Daily" said that the pearls of La Masia played a shining game. The game itself did not attract too many people's attention, but these players who usually played less, seized the opportunity to prove themselves.

After the game, "Daily Sports" gave Ansu Fati 7 points, second only to Carles Perez's 8 points, the label was "miracle", and the comment pointed out: "He only played in the last 5 minutes, To rest Carles Perez, but he had a chance to finish with a shot with his right foot, finish Inter and become the youngest goalscorer in Champions League history.""Aspen" published the headline "Ansu Fati made history in Milan" after the game. Fati has a halo. Just 1 and a half minutes after playing, he decided the victory against Inter Milan and became the Youngest player in Champions League history. Playing less than 10 minutes was enough for him to add a record to his already stellar resume. Fati is still making history, and he's only 17 years old. Today, it is absolutely unpredictable where his limits lie.

Fati won a piece of praise from the Western media. "Marca" played the headline of "Two Children Conquer Milan, Bury Inter Milan", saying that Ansu Fati buried Inter Milan with a right-footed shot after playing, letting Meazza The stadium is frozen. Fati has struggled over the past few weeks after a breakout at the start of the season, and he has lost his protagonist status, but this time celebrated his extension with a million-dollar goal. He became the youngest goalscorer in the history of the Champions League, and it is worth mentioning that he scored in a stadium that has given Bar莽a many bad memories. Conte will never forget this kid.In the "Marca" fan vote after the game, Fati ranked third, commenting: "He came off the bench in the final stage, scored a goal in a few minutes, and helped Barcelona lead again. This goal. Give him the honour of being the youngest goal scorer in the Champions League."

Fati, will he be Messi's successor? "World Sports" said: "He can't do more in such a short period of time, he has made a world wave and let the opponent foul once. Everything is in 5 minutes. Fati is impressive, He was brilliant, like an angel."Talking about his record after the game, Fati said: "I just knew this record, I am happy for the goal and the team's victory. It's like a dream, I always say that. It seems that everything is very fast, I have to keep enjoying, learning from good players and taking chances."

What's next? Fati said: "As in the past, seize the opportunity given to me and help the team. If you can, score goals, if not, keep learning."Not long ago, Barcelona just renewed the contract with Fati. There is such a clause in the contract. When Fati signed as a first-team player of the club, his release clause rose to 400 million euros. It now appears that Fati is indeed worthy of the 400 million liquidated damages.

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