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Online car seller Cinch becomes Tottenham's first sleeve sponsor

Successful volunteers will receive limited-edition Adidas uniforms, free transportation and work meals. The Qatar World Cup kicks off from November 21 to December 18.

"I can't express my feelings in words, I just want to say that I did it!" Zhou Guanyu wrote on Weibo after the game after successfully finishing 10th with 1 point.After successfully scoring points in his F1 debut, Zhou Guanyu remained calm in the face of the camera, but he couldn't hide his excitement in his words. The history of F1 in China, which was rewritten in Bahrain, will be a moment worthy of Chinese fans' memory forever.

And Zhou Guanyu once surpassed the "seven crown king" Hamilton's performance, which was talked about by car fans, and also successfully achieved "breaking the circle".On Weibo, the entry "Zhou Guanyu's F1 debut score" rushed to the hot search, with a cumulative reading of over 100 million. Although the Shanghai Station has not been able to return for the time being, the "F1 New Year" for Chinese fans has been successfully opened with a historic 1 point.

The first show unlocked the first point in China, Zhou Guanyu smashed the doubtsAlthough it is only 1 point, it is no easy task for Zhou Guanyu, who has just entered the F1 arena. As a rookie player, the first test is to finish the game, and being able to score points successfully is an "unexpected surprise".

Bahrain station final top ten rankingIn contrast, Mick Schumacher, the son of Schumacher, who is also high-profile among young drivers, once defeated Zhou Guanyu in the F2 race and won the F2 season championship. But Schumacher Jr. has failed to score points throughout his debut season in 2021 after joining the Haas team in F1.

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