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Fascia gun brand Therabody completes a new round of strategic financing

Although Vietnam has made rapid progress, the Chinese team should still be able to take advantage of the current situation. Referring to their match against Thailand in the World Qualifiers, they won 1-0 at home and drew 0-0 away. The Chinese team defeated Thailand 2-1 in the 2019 Asian Cup. At that time, the national football team had no naturalized players.

In these four games, if the national football team can play the same level as when they faced Syria in the top 40, then there is hope to get two wins and two draws for a total of 8 points, or even three wins and one draw, earning 10 points. Nor is it a luxury.Looking back at the last round of twelve, the Chinese team only scored 12 points in total, while Syria, the third place in the group, and Uzbekistan, the fourth place in the group, only got 13 points.

The national football team in the last top 12 always lost the points it deservedThat is to say, as long as it scores enough points in Oman and Vietnam, China can happily compete with Saudi Arabia, Australia and Japan.

Saudi Arabia's opponent, a frequent visitor to the World Cup, is definitely stronger than the Chinese team, but compared with Japan, South Korea and Iran, most of Saudi Arabia's players play in domestic or neighboring countries' leagues, and this team may still be slightly inferior.On the website of the German "Transfer Market", the Saudi team's total worth is 30 million euros, while the Chinese team also has 22 million euros. The gap is not as obvious as expected. The national football team strives to steal the next point unbeaten at home, and it may not necessarily require a miracle.

Saudi core Al DosariThe situation in Australia is somewhat similar to that of Saudi Arabia. Even compared to Saudi Arabia with Al Dossari, Australia is even less star-like. The most expensive attacking player is Marbier, who plays in the Danish league. In the "transfer market", Australia's total worth is only 32 million euros. The total worth of Japan, South Korea and Iran are 145 million euros, 128 million euros and 79 million euros respectively.

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