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Zhang Yuning failed to fall asleep twice on behalf of the national Olympics

In the early morning of October 31st, Beijing time, in the 11th round of La Liga, Real Madrid faced the league's "deputy squad leader" Leganes at home. In the end, with the goals of Rodrigo, Kroos, Ramos, Benzema and Jovic, Real Madrid won 5-0. Following Barcelona's 5-1 victory over Valladolid yesterday, Zidane's team also chased after their opponents in the standings with a big score.

In the history of the confrontation between the two teams, Real Madrid, which is obviously superior in strength, won more and lost less, but in a sense, Leganes can be said to be the "suffering master" of Real Madrid. In the 17-18 season of the King's Cup, Leganes eliminated Real Madrid by relying on away goals in two rounds, and even Zidane said frankly: "In the past few years as coach of Real Madrid, the biggest blow was being defeated by Leganes in the King's Cup. eliminated."In terms of starting, although Leganes is not in good shape this season, Zidane did not dare to be careless. Most of the main players made their debut. The two teenagers Valverde and Rodrigo also got the starting opportunity. On the bench, Bell and Ronaldo failed to enter the squad for different reasons.

In the 7th minute, Real Madrid launched an attack on the left, Hazard swayed continuously and then knocked back Marcelo, the Brazilian fullback hoisted the ball into the penalty area, Benzema knocked across the middle, Rodrigo easily pushed and scored, 1-0! The 18-year-old who has just been selected for the Brazilian national team scored his second goal of the season.In the 8th minute, Casemiro made a midfield steal, Real Madrid quickly counterattacked, Benzema scored a cross, and Kroos scored another goal in the middle. Real Madrid scored 2 goals in 2 minutes and Benzema provided 2 assists.

In the 22nd minute, Casemiro completed the steal in the midfield again and found Hazard with a straight pass. After the Belgian superstar entered the penalty area, the goalkeeper fell and the referee decisively awarded a penalty kick. Captain Ramos was thrown for the first time, but the opponent's goalkeeper violated the rules first, and Ramos made a new penalty, 3-0. Real Madrid scored their first penalty of the season. In the first 30 minutes, Real Madrid's possession rate was as high as 70%, and they led by 3 goals, securing the victory in advance.In the second half, we changed sides and fought again. In the 68th minute, Modric, who came off the bench, created a penalty kick. This time, Benzema stood in front of the ball and hit it easily, and Real Madrid led 4-0. Benzema also scored his seventh goal of the season, after which he was substituted by Jovic.

In injury time, Jovic scored to make it 5-0. Rodrigo, Kroos, Ramos, Benzema, Jovic, Hazard, Marcelo, Carvajal, Casemiro and other stars have performed well. In the end, Real Madrid beat Leganes 5-0 at home, and scored 21 points in the first 11 rounds of the league with 1 game less, still 1 point behind the top Barcelona.For 銆朚ad 5-0! Real Madrid is chasing after Barcelona with a big victory, scoring 2 goals in 2 minutes, and playing crazy except the goalkeeper. For more information, please continue to pay attention to the sports comprehensive column, the editor will continue to update you with more sports news.

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