The 22-year-old Olympic main defender was ruthlessly returned? Joined for half a year on the last game, the substitutes did not mix!|rummy apk-game paytm cash apk download

The 22-year-old Olympic main defender was ruthlessly returned? Joined for half a year on the last game, the substitutes did not mix!

However, Fu Yuanhui and Liu Xiang may also be "blessed in disguise". Sports Business has learned that because the industry has long expected Fu Yuanhui and Liu Xiang to lose the election, many brands have also begun to contact the two athletes, hoping to cooperate with them during the Olympic Games. After all, at that time, most of the well-known athletes were competing in Tokyo, and it was impossible to participate in commercial activities.

In addition, the existing commercial cooperation between the two athletes will not be affected. An insider said: "Judging from the commercial contracts of athletes I have handled, none of them have anything to do with competitive performance such as whether to be selected for the Olympics. Even if there is, it is generally just a reward, and there will be no punishment."There is an exception. For a sports brand like Nike, the Olympic Games can directly increase the brand exposure opportunity, so it is very likely that it will be agreed when the contract is signed that if it cannot participate in the Olympic Games, the sponsorship amount will be reduced.

As for the commercial value of the Chinese swimming team, industry insiders said that the lack of star players in the team will not cause too much negative impact."When choosing a brand to sponsor the national team, what is generally concerned is the endorsement of the national team's professionalism, quality or credibility of its brand, and the popularity or traffic of individual players is generally not within its scope of consideration."

The best example is Sun Yang, the Chinese swimming team's commercial activities did not stop after the star was suspended for doping. In March and April this year, e-commerce platform and cosmetics brand Hanshu became the official partners of the Chinese swimming team.And just yesterday, the short video platform Kuaishou also announced its cooperation with the Chinese swimming team. There are no Liu Xiang and Fu Yuanhui on the official announcement poster. Obviously, Kuaishou has long known about the failure of the two famous players.

Getting out of retirement means devaluation?Not being selected for the Tokyo Olympics cast a shadow over the careers of Fu Yuanhui and Liu Xiang. Both of them were born in 1996, at the age of 25, they are no longer young for a swimming event with a huge amount of training. Zhang Yufei and Wu Qingfeng, who pushed Liu Xiang out of the list this time, were born in 1998 and 2003 respectively. In the future, in the face of fierce competition from the back waves, it will be more and more challenging for veterans to maintain their performance.

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