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Ally Becomes First Official Banking Partner of Major League Soccer

According to ESPN's latest report, due to the global new crown epidemic, FIFA is considering increasing the roster of teams participating in the Qatar World Cup to 26 people.

According to reports, compared with previous World Cups, the roster of each participating team in the Qatar World Cup may increase by 3 players. In the 2002 World Cup in Korea and Japan, the coaches were able to call up 23 players for the first time, including 3 goalkeepers. Before that, the number was 22.Beginning in 2021, due to the impact of the new crown epidemic, both the European Cup and the Copa America will allow coaches to recruit more than 23 players to participate in the competition.

It is reported that this resolution has not been finalized, and FIFA will review the possible implementation of the measure at the FIFA Congress held at the end of March through technical agency review.Among them, the content of the discussion will also include the number of roster players per game. For example, in the European Cup and the Copa America, coaches can only call up a maximum of 23 players to participate in each game, and other players will be excluded from the match roster, as long as there are 3 goalkeepers in the roster, the match The list can be changed freely.

"As an athlete, I have my mission and responsibilities. No matter how many events I participate in, I will go all out and work hard to the end." On the afternoon of February 17, the director of short track speed skating gold medal Ziwei was in Kuaishou and well-known hosts. Hua Shao and figure skater Jin Boyang Lianmai started their first live show on the Internet after the Winter Olympics. During the live broadcast, Ren Ziwei not only shared his feelings about the Winter Olympics, but also said that he would send 666 ice piers to netizens.On the evening of February 16, the short track speed skating men's 5000m relay final at the Beijing Winter Olympics came to an end. So far, the men's short track speed skating competition at the Winter Olympics has all ended. Looking back at the Winter Olympics, Ren Ziwei won a total of two gold medals. Among them, the men's 1000m champion achieved a breakthrough of zero gold medals in the Winter Olympics by the Chinese team in this event.

When asked whether the results met expectations this time, Ren Ziwei said frankly: "I think the gold medal alone has met my expectations, but there are still many deficiencies and many regrets. After 1,500 meters, I put too much pressure on myself, and I want to hit the third gold too much. Compared with the previous 500 meters, the physical strength is too much, and the speed is a little slower. It's a pity the game."In this regard, Kuaishou users who watched the live broadcast sent out encouragement that "it's already great", because everyone knows that as a sharp knife of the Chinese short track speed skating team, Ren Ziwei participated in all the men's short track speed skating at the Winter Olympics. Five competitions, known as "model workers on ice". Participating in the competition is both honor and pressure, but Ren Ziwei seemed open-minded and firm in this regard, and only said four words: it's over.

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